The Terry Tucker

Live Eats: Timeout’s Alexi Duggins attempts the Terry Tucker Shepherd’s Pie challenge

TimeOut’s Alexi Duggins is a little bit mental. Over ten challenges in as many weeks, he’s eating 26,000 calories worth of food challenge for #boyvsfood. That’s our kind of marathon. With four challenges complete, Extreme Eats went along to see how Alexi fared against the Pride of Paddington‘s Terry Tucker Shepherd’s Pie challenge.



The Terry Tucker: inside London’s triple cheeseburger challenge

Photo courtesy of The Pride of Paddington

Photo courtesy of The Pride of Paddington

Location: The Pride of Paddington

The challenge: The Terry Tucker

Price: Free if you finish within 20 minutes. Otherwise, it’s £20.

The details: It’s a cheeseburger on top of a cheeseburger on top of a cheeseburger, for a total of 30 ounces of beef. Add six slices of bacon, three oversized onion rings, and a bucket of chips. After you finish the challenge, your photo is posted above the bar, in either the “winner” or “loser” categories. The pub also hosts two additional Terry Tucker challenges: a Shepherd’s pie and a lasagna. (more…)