Interview: What it’s like being on the other side of the table?

It’s all very well for the people doing food challenges feeling ill and doing something horrible all over the floor but it’s often the hard working staff at the restaurants that provide these challenges who help make it happen. It’s about time they got some more attention We returned to one of our favourite gastronomic haunts, Red Dog Saloon, to chat with Matthew Kearney, 32, who is one of the staff at the restaurant.



The Slug at Fulham: Home To London’s Biggest Burger Challenge? (Interview)

We speak to The Slug at Fulham‘s assistant manager about the “Beat the Meat” (ahem) challenge, which features in our map of London’s biggest burgers.

Q: So what is your burger challenge?


London’s Biggest Burgers: Mapping out the towers of terror

Foggy London town boasts some of the biggest burgers around. Here’s a map of some of the most stomach-churning bun-fillers in the capital. If you fancy taking any of them on, you crazy person, then links to all the challenges can be found below the map.

London burger map


Devastator challenge: Max from Red Dog Saloon tells all..

Red Dog Saloon’s ‘Devastator’ challenge – prepare for a hefty food coma

Location: Red Dog Saloon

The challenges: Devastator challenge; Hot Wings challenge

Price: The Devastator is £22.50, the Hot Wings challenge is £10.50

The details: Finish either in the allotted time but know which one suits you best – the Devastator focuses on quantity while the Hot Wings focus on heat.

The prize: Finish either and get a t-shirt, finish both and get an ambulance. Quick.