Editor-At-Large of Time Out takes on the Terry Tucker challenge

Extreme Eats UK spoke with Alexi Duggins, the Editor-At-Large of Time Out London, before he took on the Terry Tucker shepherd’s pie challenge as part of his ten week eating marathon. Duggins is calling it his “food marathon,” because instead of running 26 miles, he will be scarfing down 26,000 calories.



Battle of the High Street Burgers 2014

It’s all very well eating an enormous monster like the Beast, but you can only get it in one place and not everyone wants to struggle through several hours of laboured eating (or the subsequent week of meat sweats) for a picture on the wall. Sometimes, you just want something that you can pick up off the shelf or sit down in comfort without having to be on blood thinners and anti-emetics whilst you eat.

The World’s Weirdest Eating Competitions

Things are about to get weird. Om nom nom.

World’s Deep-Fried Asparagus Eating Championship in Stockton, California, USA: Every April, contestants scarf down as much deep-fried asparagus as they can in ten minutes. The prize? $2,750. The championship attracts big names, including Joey Chestnut, the number one ranked competitive eater in the world. This year Chestnut set a new world record, eating 12 pounds and 8 3/4 ounces of deep-fried asparagus.


Map of Guinness World Food Records in the United Kingdom

We use the word “record” loosely here but the UK can boast to the acclaimed title holder of many culinary and eating records. Especially baked beans for some reason…

Below is a map of the UK showing where, who, what, how much (or little), how fast, or even how is that possible; demonstrating our abundant superiority in eating and cooking.

The sun clearly never set on the Empire…

All entry’s taken from http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/. Image source Wikimedia Commons.

Live Eats: Timeout’s Alexi Duggins attempts the Terry Tucker Shepherd’s Pie challenge

TimeOut’s Alexi Duggins is a little bit mental. Over ten challenges in as many weeks, he’s eating 26,000 calories worth of food challenge for #boyvsfood. That’s our kind of marathon. With four challenges complete, Extreme Eats went along to see how Alexi fared against the Pride of Paddington‘s Terry Tucker Shepherd’s Pie challenge.


Top 5 viral Internet Food Challenges

Warning: There will be vomit.

Despite our “Size Spice Speed” slogan, sometimes a food challenge is about just being able to accomplish a goal. A seemingly simple, frequently disgusting, often vomit-inducing goal. And if you get exposed to the ridicule of the World Wide Web, then that’s an added bonus. Here’s Extreme Eats’ top 5 favourite alternative food challenges.


Reddit’s refrigerator: the website’s strangest food challenge

Fridge: from flickr.com, Christina Hendricks's page (https://www.flickr.com/people/clhendricksbc/) Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

Fridge: from flickr.com, Christina Hendricks’s page (https://www.flickr.com/people/clhendricksbc/)
Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

There is a lot of good culinary information on reddit. Looking for sandwich ideas? /r/eat sandwiches has you covered. Need a gluten free diet? /r/gluten free knows its wheat from its chafff. Just bought a slow cooker and looking for tasty ingredients to fill it with? Look no further than /r/slowcooking.

And then there’s some more… bizarre material. Bored with a fridge full of food and a strange desire to go up against the internet in a Russian Roulette style eat off? User /u/smileh has just the ticket: The Refridgerator Challenge.