Best YouTube Channels: Competitive Eaters and Amateur Food Freaks

Source: - Gage Skidmore

Source: – Gage Skidmore

Food is all over YouTube, but recently it has been hard to sift through the rubbish. For every incredible clip of a pro demolishing a fifty ounce burger in a heartbeat, there’s five of teenagers with too much time on their hands trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon (seriously, don’t try it).

ExtremeEats is on hand to sort through the internet waste bins for the delicious burger accidentally thrown away by the drunk stumbling back from a party. Engorge yourself.

Here’s 8 of the best YouTube channels around.



Top 5 viral Internet Food Challenges

Warning: There will be vomit.

Despite our “Size Spice Speed” slogan, sometimes a food challenge is about just being able to accomplish a goal. A seemingly simple, frequently disgusting, often vomit-inducing goal. And if you get exposed to the ridicule of the World Wide Web, then that’s an added bonus. Here’s Extreme Eats’ top 5 favourite alternative food challenges.


Reddit’s refrigerator: the website’s strangest food challenge

Fridge: from, Christina Hendricks's page ( Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

Fridge: from, Christina Hendricks’s page (
Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

There is a lot of good culinary information on reddit. Looking for sandwich ideas? /r/eat sandwiches has you covered. Need a gluten free diet? /r/gluten free knows its wheat from its chafff. Just bought a slow cooker and looking for tasty ingredients to fill it with? Look no further than /r/slowcooking.

And then there’s some more… bizarre material. Bored with a fridge full of food and a strange desire to go up against the internet in a Russian Roulette style eat off? User /u/smileh has just the ticket: The Refridgerator Challenge.