Burger challenge

The Slug at Fulham: Home To London’s Biggest Burger Challenge? (Interview)

We speak to The Slug at Fulham‘s assistant manager about the “Beat the Meat” (ahem) challenge, which features in our map of London’s biggest burgers.

Q: So what is your burger challenge?




Christian Verdon; City Lawyer by day, big eater by night, agreed to undertake a triple threat challenge – the Meateasy Triple Chilli challenge at MeatLiquor. What follows is a live blog of his attempt. And yes, it’s as grizzly as it looks.


London’s Biggest Burgers: Mapping out the towers of terror

Foggy London town boasts some of the biggest burgers around. Here’s a map of some of the most stomach-churning bun-fillers in the capital. If you fancy taking any of them on, you crazy person, then links to all the challenges can be found below the map.

London burger map


Battle of the High Street Burgers 2014

It’s all very well eating an enormous monster like the Beast, but you can only get it in one place and not everyone wants to struggle through several hours of laboured eating (or the subsequent week of meat sweats) for a picture on the wall. Sometimes, you just want something that you can pick up off the shelf or sit down in comfort without having to be on blood thinners and anti-emetics whilst you eat.

Map of UK Food Challenges

After weeks of work, my map of UK food challenges has finally launched! I hope you find it helpful; I believe it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of UK food contests. Here are some highlights:

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