Best YouTube Channels: Competitive Eaters and Amateur Food Freaks

Source: - Gage Skidmore

Source: – Gage Skidmore

Food is all over YouTube, but recently it has been hard to sift through the rubbish. For every incredible clip of a pro demolishing a fifty ounce burger in a heartbeat, there’s five of teenagers with too much time on their hands trying to eat a spoonful of cinnamon (seriously, don’t try it).

ExtremeEats is on hand to sort through the internet waste bins for the delicious burger accidentally thrown away by the drunk stumbling back from a party. Engorge yourself.

Here’s 8 of the best YouTube channels around.

1) Furious Pete

We start with a very big cheese, so to speak. Pete joined YouTube in 2007, and has since become a competitive eater. It’s not his charisma or his occasional body building video you’ll come to love: it’s his pure skill. Sure, there’s the occasional piece of fluff (like his explosive Diet Coke and Mentos experiment), but most of Pete’s work is pure class. Raw talent combined with hard work make Pete one of the toughest eaters around. Watch him eat a dozen doughnuts in 45 seconds and tell me you’re not impressed.


2) LA Beast

From the sublime to the insane. LA Beast seems to have no concern for his own safety. His videos are full of crazy stunts, puke, and pure adrenaline. He’s inventive with his challenges, coming up with things that other people would dare not try (and most of the time he succeeds). To see what I mean, here’s a video of him eating a cactus. No, seriously. Lunatic.


3) Tasted

If watching a guy barf up his guts after downing three litres of broccoli smoothie isn’t your thing (weirdo!), then here’s something a little more refined. Tasted just about fit the criteria for this list – their food is extreme, but it doesn’t shout about it. Every video is interesting: helpful recipe videos sit along bizarre “food mash-ups” combining ingredients that simply don’t go together. Like red velvet cake and fried chicken, for instance…


4) Randy Santel

If you’ve heard our interview with Randy, then you’ll know that food is his life. He’s one of the best known competitive eaters around, for a good reason. Focusing on quantity challenges, Sandy chomps down on meals that a hungry family couldn’t make a dent it. He finishes ridiculous quantities of food with no apparent effort, and travels all over the world testing his stomach. Here he is in Scotland demolishing a 72oz steak.


5) Epic Meal Time

Yes, I know. Hardly the find of the century. But there’s no way we could leave the YouTube giants off our list. For those of you that don’t know, these guys have been making ridiculous meals for years. They’ve made tanks out of meat and meals with 140,000 calories. They’ve been going for years and some think they’re going stale, but we still think they’re damn entertaining. And, like us, they’re obsessed with bacon. Don’t believe me? Watch this.


6) Matt Stonie

He really doesn’t look like the number two competitive eater in the world. Slim, unassuming, but the stomach of four rhinos. Endless hours of training allow him to perform crazy eat feats. He’s pure talent, and his videos are incredible and wide-ranging. Sometimes he eats 1000 year old eggs, sometimes he eats 16,000 calories in 40 minutes (below). That’s the kind of variation we like.


7) Freak Eating

A high school history teacher by day, a food-crazed, face-stuffing maniac by night. He might not have the talent of the pros, but he has the heart of the lion. What he lacks for in size and speed he makes up for with great courage (it’s a thin line between that and madness) and unique videos. Like that time he ate 30 bananas, just because.  And he tried our fridge challenge, which was nice of him.

8) Wreckless Eating

Just a bunch of friends (including Freak Eating – above) just hanging out, having some beers, and… eat chewing tobacco from World War II. What we like about these guys is the camaraderie: the videos are gross-out funny, and not as extreme as others on the list, with vomit videos mixed with reviews of local fast food offerings. Solid content updated daily.


Did we miss your favourite YouTuber off? Let us know in the comments below!


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