Editor-At-Large of Time Out takes on the Terry Tucker challenge

Extreme Eats UK spoke with Alexi Duggins, the Editor-At-Large of Time Out London, before he took on the Terry Tucker shepherd’s pie challenge as part of his ten week eating marathon. Duggins is calling it his “food marathon,” because instead of running 26 miles, he will be scarfing down 26,000 calories.

Extreme Eats UK – Why would you subject yourself to ten food challenges over ten weeks?

Alexi – I’m no good at sport, look at me. I’m obviously rubbish. I can’t run. I can’t throw. At school I was a really fat kid. The only thing I’ve ever been good at is eating better than my friends, so when I eat all of these things I feel like I’m a real athlete.

Extreme Eats UK –  How many challenges have you done so far?

Alexi – So far I’ve done seven and I’ve gained two-thirds of a stone. I have eaten about 16,000 calories, including a calzone that’s bigger than this table, six sausages in a minute and a half, and a kilo of ribs in ten minutes. The fry up is the only one I’ve failed so far; my mistake was leaving the eggs until the end.

Extreme Eats UK – Do you feel confident that you’ll finish the Terry Tucker?

Alexi – I don’t know if I can do 4 kilos of shepherd’s pie. Apparently no one has ever done this before. I’d be pretty amazed if I could do this, but I’m going to give it a damn good try.

Extreme Eats UK – How have you trained for these challenges?

Alexi – I’m drinking a lot of water, but not too much water; you can die on dry land from drinking too much water.

Extreme Eats UK – Have you learnt anything from this?

Alexi – I’ve learned that I’m better at eating then I thought I was. I didn’t think I would complete half of the challenges I’ve managed to complete.  Six, seven weeks in I’m getting pretty sick of this now I really wish it was over, but when you sign up to a marathon I guess that’s inevitable.

Unfortunately Duggins failed the challenge but he gave it his all. Follow him @Alexiduggins for updates on his food endeavors.


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