Which chili tickles your fancy?


Ah, chillies. Where would we be without our spicy friends? Cooler, certainly, but also much blander. Here follows a run down of the most popular chillies, as illustrated by Google trends.

This graph shows the Google trends – the frequency with which people search for – various types of chili pepper, over a four year period.


Red - Jalapeno Blue - Habanero pepper Green - Trinidad morgua pepper Yellow - Scotch bonnett

Red – Jalapeno Pepper
Blue – Habanero Pepper
Green – Trinidad Moruga Pepper
Yellow – Scotch Bonnet Pepper


The Jalapeno Pepper is the most popular chili, far out ranking it’s hotter cousins. The jalapeno has reached this level of popularity because it has an accessible level of heat.

People can eat more of them, without feeling the same consequences as, say, eating a ‘Naga Viper Chili’. Which hurts a lot more.

As we have already explored, the jalapeno actually ranks at quite a low position on the scoville scale, the measurement for which chili heat is accounted.

Let’s have a closer look at those search levels:


Jalapeno Google trends over a 4 year period

Jalapeno Google trends over a 4 year period


As we can see, the searches peak at the height of barbecue season. Coincidence? Probably not. Jalepenos are a crucial ingredient in many barbecue dishes.

The peaks also relate to airings of Man v Food. The show, which was popular between 2008 – 2013, has often been cited as the reason for a global spice revival.


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