Live Eats: Timeout’s Alexi Duggins attempts the Terry Tucker Shepherd’s Pie challenge

TimeOut’s Alexi Duggins is a little bit mental. Over ten challenges in as many weeks, he’s eating 26,000 calories worth of food challenge for #boyvsfood. That’s our kind of marathon. With four challenges complete, Extreme Eats went along to see how Alexi fared against the Pride of Paddington‘s Terry Tucker Shepherd’s Pie challenge.


  • Alexi Duggins (boy) went up against a jumbo shepherd’s pie (food) for #boyvsfood. £20, finish it and it’s free
  • Start of the challenge was delayed because the pie was piping hot and would’ve taken the skin right of Alexi’s mouth
  • He got off to a terrific start at an electric pace, shovelling down lamb and potato like he’d never eaten in his life
  • He was halfway down at five minutes, it looked like he might actually do it
  • He carried on strongly, and the bottom of the bowl started to show itself. He pushed and pushed….
  • But the sheer volume got the better of him. Every moutful was a struggle, and he threw in the towel with a few moments of the twenty minutes left. A valiant effort
  • In the battle of #boyvsfood, food won

Live coverage (Challenge starts at 20:13)

19:28 We think we’ve spotted Alexi across the bar. Not sure though. Trying awkwardly to make eye contact.

19:30 It was him! Staff faffing about a bit with tables, so nowhere to sit yet.

19:34 Taken our seats, shepherd’s pie ordered. The wait begins.

19:38 Wow, that was quick!

19:39 They must have had it ready well in advance, and given it a quick blast in an oven when we arrived (either that or they’ve pinched a giant’s microwave)

19:43 It’s about 20cm across and 10cm deep by my reckoning. That’s a lot of pie.

19:45 Concerns about the heat of the pie – Alexi reckons it will need another 15 minutes at least until it will be safe to begin. Waitress says she’l start timing whenever he is ready.

19:50 Alexi poking holes in the pie to try and release the heat.

20:00 He’s really starting to move the pie around to release the heat. Worried that the waitress will think he’s started to eat, but he’s well within the rules.

REMINDER: Use #boyvsfood to tweet about the event. Find us on twitter @ExtremeEatsUK and Alexi @AlexiDuggins

20:04 People keep coming up to ask if the pie if for one person. Yes, it is. One very mad person.

20:13 DING DING DING! The pub’s bell is rung to signal the start of the challenge. He’s off. Remember, he has 20 minutes to finish the challenge, or it’s a failure.

20:14 The pace is furious. He’s just shoveling it down his trap. Remarkable.

20:16 Only three minutes in and Alexi tells us he’s feeling nauseous already. That’s not a good sign. Hold it down, man!

20:18 Despite the pain, Alexi is soldiering on at a furious pace. I reckon the pie is about half done now, with only 5 minutes gone. Can he actually do this?

20:21 I’d say it’s 50/50 at this stage. He’s putting up a brave height and demolished most of the pie, but the pace is slowing. A lot of sighs, and long gaps between mouthfuls.

20:22 Alexi is grimacing with every mouthful. I’m worried. How can one man’s stomach take so much?

20:23 Help from an unlikely sauce?

20:24 He’s eaten a lot of this pie. He might actually do this! You can see the bottom in places, which has given him a burst of energy. PUSH!

20:26 He’s pushing through every bite, eyes closed. You can tell it hurts.

20:27 Wow! He’s pushed through the wall, and is chewing with a new lease of life. How long will it last? Bowl starting to look empty, but there’s still about a “normal” size portion of shepherd’s pie left.

 20:28 FIVE MINUTES TO GO. He’s so close to the end, but it will take something really special to finish it off.

20:29 Ketchup is tasty, he says, but it doesn’t look to be helping. That last bit of pie refuses to budge

20:30 There’s hardly any pie left, but he looks full to bursting. Puffing out his checks every few seconds. I would not like to swap places with him.

 20:32 I think that’s all she wrote, folks. The spoon is just decoration now, he’s waggling it around but can’t bear to take another bite.

20:34 It really was a good effort. I thought he was going to make it at one stage. But the pie was just too big. A big thanks to Alexi and Pride of Paddington for letting us come along.






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