Top 5 viral Internet Food Challenges

Warning: There will be vomit.

Despite our “Size Spice Speed” slogan, sometimes a food challenge is about just being able to accomplish a goal. A seemingly simple, frequently disgusting, often vomit-inducing goal. And if you get exposed to the ridicule of the World Wide Web, then that’s an added bonus. Here’s Extreme Eats’ top 5 favourite alternative food challenges.

5 – The Gallon of Milk Challenge

Also know as the Milk Chugging Challenge, victims must drink a gallon of milk in one hour without throwing up. It seems easy enough but when you consider that the average human stomach can only hold a half a gallon at most, you’re in for a fun time. Lactose intolerants need not apply…

4 – The Salt / Saltine / Cream Cracker Challenge

Taking us back to the halcyon days of university drinking contests, this challenge has many different regional variants but they all have the same basic premise; eat a set number of incredibly dry, saliva depleting, mouth curdling savoury biscuits within a set frame of time (usually a minute) without water. A test of jaw speed, throat muscles, and the ability to ignore the pain of a thousands of dry cracker shards shredding your gullet.

3 – Chubby Bunny Challenge

Technically not a food challenge but visually amusing enough to count as one. Participants insert a marshmallow into their mouth (no swallowing…yet) and say the phrase “Chubby Bunny”. This goes in rounds, increasing with the number of marshmallows inserted into each mouth until the participant is unable to say the phrase. Seems harmless enough…unless you count the two documented deaths this challenge has caused, the only challenge on this list to have done so.

2 – The Banana Sprite Challenge

The most disgusting one on our list. The premise is simple – eat two bananas and drink a litre of Sprite without vomiting. There’s heated debate as to whether it permissible (or even preferable) to drink the Sprite first, then eat the bananas or whichever combination the participant finds best. Either way, as with the Milk Challenge, the human stomach can only hold so much. The front row will get wet.

1 – The Cinnamon Challenge

The Godfather of viral internet challenges – a spoonful of Cinnamon, to be consumed without water within a minute, without any kind of coughing, spluttering, gagging, choking, asphyxiating, sneezing…you get the idea. Interestingly enough, United States Poison Control Center’s were flooded with calls about the challenge owing to the mildly toxic compound, Coumarin, present inside Cinnamon. Despite this, hundreds of people have gone on to spray powdered tree bark on videos all over the internet. We salute you.



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