Reddit’s refrigerator: the website’s strangest food challenge

Fridge: from, Christina Hendricks's page ( Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

Fridge: from, Christina Hendricks’s page (
Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

There is a lot of good culinary information on reddit. Looking for sandwich ideas? /r/eat sandwiches has you covered. Need a gluten free diet? /r/gluten free knows its wheat from its chafff. Just bought a slow cooker and looking for tasty ingredients to fill it with? Look no further than /r/slowcooking.

And then there’s some more… bizarre material. Bored with a fridge full of food and a strange desire to go up against the internet in a Russian Roulette style eat off? User /u/smileh has just the ticket: The Refridgerator Challenge.

The rules of the challenge are simple:

The challenger will

1) open their refrigerator and take out the item they find at the very back left of the top shelf.

2) take out the item found on the right hand side of the bottom shelf of the door.

3) proceed to combine these two items appropriately, using a blender if required.

4) consume the hideous concoction.

5) post results, preferably with photographs documenting the challenge.

I wish you brave souls the very best of luck.

Of course, reddit is always up for a challenge. So when the post was created, users were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Here’s what happened.

[–]pinxox 16 points 2 years ago (20|4)

beer + mayonnaise = diarrhea until Tuesday

Well, that’s an image that will stay long in my mind. Next up….

[–][deleted] 9 points2 years ago (10|1)

Yeast + Pickles = not happening, bro

Maybe his username was deleted after he ate the disgusting combination, and was so violently ill that the very thought of going on reddit ever again made him/her nauseous. It’s one theory.

[–]disgustipated 1 point 2 years ago (1|0)

Dude, ugh, bacon grease and Siracha sauce… wait, we might be on to something here.

That’s just nasty. There are some that fared much better:

[–]chui1018 points2 years ago (9|1)

Strawberry preserves + 1% milk = STRAWBERRY MILK



[–]junkstuff13 points2 years ago (3|0)

Mixed fresh vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette.

Everything went better than expected :D.


[–]csguydn2 points2 years ago (2|0)

Artichoke hearts + sweet relish = went better than expected.

For the finale, I thought I’d try the challenge myself. I eased open the fridge door with a sense of dread. Had a I thrown away the two month out of date yoghurt? Was the mouldy pasta still around? Had my organic beer been left long enough to sprout fangs? But no, it was far worse.

Cherry jam

Yes, ladies and gentleman. Morello Cherry jam and Hollandaise sauce. Wincing, I mixed a few spoonfuls together.

Mixed up food

Looks lovely, doesn’t it. Well, I had to do it. I took a mouthful.

Wow. It’s kind of cheesecake-y. With a hint of…oh god…is that rotten egg?

It was truly one of the most disgusting things I have every tasted. Initially it was fine but a few seconds later, tastes of vomit and vinegar and putrid dairy kicked in. Safe to say I only had the one try. But it was enough. A few hours later, the taste was still on my lips. Maybe it will never go away. Thanks, reddit.

Find the full thread HERE. Why not try the challenge yourself? Post stories/pictures in the comments below!


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