Google Trends: Healthy eating OUT, extreme eating IN (sort of)


Source: Wikimedia

Healthy eating has had its day – at least that’s what Google searches tell us. As the worldwide Google Trend graphs below show, people are giving up celery and lettuce for stomach-stretching food challenges. Huzzah! Good riddance to broccoli, we never liked you anyway.

Healthy eating

The number of searches has consistently dropped since 2005, with more and more people realising that eating tasty food is actually a lot of fun. Notice the summer/new year spikes as the world tries to stick to new resolutions or tone up for a season on the beach. Healthy eating is becoming ever more difficult as people are strapped for time and the experts make constant revisions to what constitutes a healthy diet (now it’s 10 fruit and veg a day, apparently).

healtthy eating

Eating challenge

Before 2009, no one was searching for eating challenges. Popularity has shot up with eating challenges coming to towns and cities everywhere, and TV programmes such as Man vs Food popularising the noble sport. It’s good to see the world loves to test its stomach. Long may the trend continue.

extreme eating

Battle won, war far from over

Unfortunately, the volume of searches for healthy eating is far higher than for eating challenges, as the comparsion graph below shows. Which is to be expected, given that challenges are a fairly recent phenomenon. It’s a shame that the world has not fully caught on to the joys of extreme eating, but hopefully, as the word spreads, the community will grow. Healthy eating is in RED, eating challenges in BLUE. Yes, it’s that line snaking along the bottom.

comparison eating

Sad face.

Have you given up healthy eating for trying to cram as many hot-dogs into your face as possible? Let us know with a comment (and good on you for making the switch).


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