Month: April 2014

#Fridgechallenge: The community’s INCREDIBLE response

Following on from yesterday’s post on reddit’s refrigerator challenge, we thought we’d open it up to the community. The response we got was INCREDIBLE. Tweet us your attempt @ExtremeEatsUK using #fridgechallenge.



Reddit’s refrigerator: the website’s strangest food challenge

Fridge: from, Christina Hendricks's page ( Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

Fridge: from, Christina Hendricks’s page (
Reddit symbol: RationalWiki

There is a lot of good culinary information on reddit. Looking for sandwich ideas? /r/eat sandwiches has you covered. Need a gluten free diet? /r/gluten free knows its wheat from its chafff. Just bought a slow cooker and looking for tasty ingredients to fill it with? Look no further than /r/slowcooking.

And then there’s some more… bizarre material. Bored with a fridge full of food and a strange desire to go up against the internet in a Russian Roulette style eat off? User /u/smileh has just the ticket: The Refridgerator Challenge.


Map of UK Food Challenges

After weeks of work, my map of UK food challenges has finally launched! I hope you find it helpful; I believe it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of UK food contests. Here are some highlights:

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.14.01 PM (more…)

Boy vs Food: Time Out’s Editor-At-Large to eat 26,000 calories worth of food challenges in ten weeks

Alexi Duggins, Editor-At Large of Time Out, destroys Octoberfest Pub’s Double Knuckle Challenge

On 1 May, we will be joining Time Out’s Editor-At-Large who is scarfing down ten London food challenges in the next ten weeks. Alexi Duggins is calling it his “food marathon,” because instead of running 26 miles, he will be gorging on 26,000 calories.

Duggins may look skinny, but he’s a beast. He has demolished a two-foot-long sausage roll at the County Arms in three minutes and one second (that’s five seconds off the record!); the Meat Liquor Triple Chilli Challengea spicy, 3,420-calorie meal – within ten minutes; and a two-kilo calzone in 28 minutes.

Follow him on Twitter @Alexiduggins; he will be tweeting about his challenges with the hashtag #BoyvsFood.

Google Trends: Healthy eating OUT, extreme eating IN (sort of)


Source: Wikimedia

Healthy eating has had its day – at least that’s what Google searches tell us. As the worldwide Google Trend graphs below show, people are giving up celery and lettuce for stomach-stretching food challenges. Huzzah! Good riddance to broccoli, we never liked you anyway.


Eating Competitions for April

A Holcombe pub is hosting a sausage eating contest on 4 April / Photo courtesy of Jerry Lee Que IV on Creative Commons.

A Somerset pub is hosting a sausage eating contest on 4 April / Photo courtesy of Jerry Lee Que IV on Creative Commons.

Here’s a roundup of April eating competitions in the UK, courtesy of the EatFeats. The competitive eating database lists the following contests for this month. Know of any others? Tweet us @ExtremeEatsUK

  • Blackpool is hosting a chilli eating contest as part of its “Chilli Fiesta 2014” on 26 April. As the event poster says, “No chilli too big! No chilli too hot enough! Don’t talk, eat!”