The 26 inch Pizza Live Blog

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, the Extreme Eats team have gone to the @bloomsburylanes (find them on twitter) to take on the 26 inch pizza challenge. Stay tuned as our very own Dominic (Dom) Holbrook attempts to eat the whole bloomin’ thing.

20:22 That’s it folks. All the pizza has been finished and Dom can proudly hold the tray. Well, sort of. Have a look at the tweet below – it covers most of his body.

20:20 That was far from easy. Thank you to @bloomsburylanes for the hospitality – we’ll be back.

20:15 All the pizza has been finished. Dom show’s his feelings by giving the tray the finger.

20:08 In all honesty, this is a struggle with 1 slice, let alone 4 (or even 8!) – hats off to Dom for even getting this far in the first place.

20:05 With Dom out for the count, Oli and Sam are making a move on this bad boy. Everyone concurs, it is absolutely delicious.

20:02 That troublesome fourth slice has finally been finished, but it has certainly taken it’s toll. Dom is struggling to form sentences as he stares in disbelief at the remaining four slices.

19:54 Just had two girls ask why we were filming/photographing/watching one man eat so much pizza. To be honest, even we’re not sure.

19:51 Somehow, Dom has managed to keep this momentum.

19:47 On to the third slice and the folding technique has been dropped in favour of ‘taking it as it comes’. This is either brave, or foolish.

19:45 Dom (no word of a lie) has just finished his second slice in a little over 3 minutes. He seems to be speeding up!

19:42 Dom has eaten his first slice in approximately 4 minutes. Pretty quick, but we’ll see how he fares over the next few slices.

19:40 Before starting this challenge, the team discussed (at length) the best method of eating pizza in a challenge like this. Dom, curiously, has gone for the ‘fold in half’ technique. Other options included rolling in, taking it as it is, and being driven to madness by the sheer size of the thing.

19:39 Dom has eagerly started on his first slice. It’s hard to blame him, it smells and looks so good.

19:36 See what we mean?

19:34 This is the first pizza we’ve ever seen that could lay claim to having a horizon. Or filling one, at least.

19:33  See this photo from our twitter feed! That’s what Dom has to contend with.

19:31 It’s here!

19:28 These pizzas are huge. Seriously, seriously huge. The moment Dom’s pizza turns up, we’ll get pictures up ASAP.

19:23 And now we play the waiting game…

19:15 After some initial confusion, Dom is getting a pepperoni pizza. Apologies for any confusion on our twitter feed – there were fears of a pepperoni shortage.

19:13 The place is absolutely rammed. We’ve just caught our first sight of what appears to be a small satellite dish straining under the weight of a huge pizza. Stay tuned.

19:09 The three of us have finally found Ray’s Pizza at the Bloomsbury Lanes – the air is thick with pepperoni, and expectation.


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