Month: March 2014

The 26 inch Pizza Live Blog

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, the Extreme Eats team have gone to the @bloomsburylanes (find them on twitter) to take on the 26 inch pizza challenge. Stay tuned as our very own Dominic (Dom) Holbrook attempts to eat the whole bloomin’ thing. (more…)


Dietician devours four burritos in three minutes

Matt Stonie – who at 21 is the world number two competitive eater and a dietician – consumed approximately 3,700 calories in just four minutes.

That is, 925 calories of Mexican deliciousness a minute.

You can see the YouTube video below.

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This woman weighs 8 stone and holds three food world records

An American woman who weighs 110 pounds is ranked the fourth best competitive eater in the world, according to The Daily Mail.

Miki Sudo, 28, told the Mail that she has made $25,000 from food contests. Some of the eating challenges she has completed include scarfing down 192 chicken wings in ten minutes and 17.5 pounds of chili in six minutes.

She holds three world records: the fastest time to eat 50 Cadbury’s Creme Eggs (6 minutes, 15 seconds); eating four Milky Way bars with snakes wrapped around the neck (1 minute, 37 seconds); and the record for drinking a gallon of milk before a sky jump (54 seconds).

She said: ‘I love food but I never meant to pursue competitive eating. I am so glad I found it because I’m having a blast.’

When she isn’t competing, Sudo will only consume one meal a day – usually a large salad.

Here’s a video of Sudo (right) training for Nathan’s hot dog eating contest in NYC:

Podcast: American completes 27 food challenges during a 44-day European tour

Randy Santel at The Red Lion in Hope as he attacks the Monster Burger challenge, credit: Randy Santel

Randy Santel at The Red Lion in Hope as he attacks the Monster Burger challenge, credit: Randy Santel

American eating champion Randy Santel successfully completed 27 food challenges across eight European countries in only 44 days. He made stops in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and gained nearly 35 pounds, or 2.5 stone. We chatted about the new treats he tried (haggis, black pudding) and how food challenges in the UK compare to those in the States.