Interview: Elk Bar’s general manager on their explosive wing challenge (video)

holy f+ck wings

We interview Gavin Sheridan-Smith, the general manager at the Elk Bar, Fulham, on the bar’s notorious Man vs Food Hot Wing Challenge.

The challenge: 30 Wings cooked in “The Rib Man’s Holy Fuck Sauce” (Naga chilli based), Fries, Slaw & Blue Cheese Dip.

Click on the video for answers to the questions, and watch the full interview at the bottom of this post.

Q: So Gavin, what does the challenge involve?

Q: Why did you choose the Naga chilli for the hot wing sauce?

Q: Will you have anything waiting in the wings to help challengers if it gets too much?

Q: What do you get for beating the challenge and do you have any advice for beating it?

Q: Does the blue cheese dip really help to cool your mouth?


Have you tried the Elk Bar’s Holy F*ck Wing Platter? Or anything that you think is spicier? Let us know in the comments below.


Full interview:



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