LIVE EATS: Super Bowl and hot dog eating contest @RoadhouseUK

Roadhouse promised that there would be hot dogs at their Super Bowl party. Lots of hot dogs. We like hot dogs, so we went along to see what al the fuss was about. Here’s what happened.


  • The Seattle Seahawks may have won the Super Bowl but it was a Denver Broncos clean sweep at the dinner table. Broncos fans took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the hot dog eating competition.
  • Andrew Brzny took first place, shovelling down eight hot dogs in two minutes.
  • Jack Hincks took second, muching through 7 hot dogs, while Michael Tavierre ate six and a half in third.

21:50 – And that’s it for tonight! We’re going to kick back with a beer and enjoy the Super Bowl. Thanks for tuning in. Until the next challenge.

21:45 – And it’s a Bronco’s clean sweep! Bronco’s have taken third, second and first place. Andrew has secured first place by eating eight hotdogs in two minutes. Jack takes second and Michael brings takes third place.

21:42 – Hotdog spares are going out to the crowd.

21:40 – Finished! The scores are being counted as we speak.

21:39 – Halfway through…

21:38 – Some interesting tactics – Hinks has gone for the water straight away.

21:38 – We’re off!

21:37 – Contestants have 2 minutes to eat their 15 hotdogs (or as many as possible).

21:36 – Seahawks and Broncos have taken their seats. Jack Hinks is (our) favourite to win – he looks focused.

21:33 – Pyramids of (slightly smaller) hotdogs have been presented to the competitors. Compere Matt Ford is calling for people to leave the hotdogs be – they can’t contain their excitement.

21:27 – Competitors just got their call to the stage – it’s all kicking off now

21:23 – Mustard and ketchup is all set to go.

21:22 – Kiss are blasting from the speakers!

21:21 – Kicking it off with cheers coming from the stage.

21:04 – It’s almost time; contestants salivating on stage

20:55 – The lis of competitors is in.

20:50 – The hotdog is big. Seriously don’t think I could eat more than three or four, let alone 18. The dog-to-bun ratio is pretty high, with mustard and ketchup slathered on top. This is not going to be an easy challenge.

20:40 – Here is the hotdog, in all its glory:

20:32 – We have ‘Any Given Sunday’ on screens. Sam and Dom have gone off in search of a hotdog or two – stay tuned for some serious hotdog analysis.

20:23 – The platter is here. Oh my god, the platter is here

20:16 – Trying to work out how to get a sneak preview of these hotdogs

20:02 – Contest has been delayed until 9 pm

20:00 – 30 minutes and counting until the competition begins

19:51 – The competitors get a little bit of help – water to dip buns in, but that’s about it!

19:47 – This is ExtremeEats, reporting live from @RoadhouseUK’s first Super Bowl hot dog contest. Kicking off from 21:00, six competitors have two minutes to eat as many of their 18 hotdogs as possible. The Prize? The winner gets @RoadhouseUK hotdogs for life.



  1. Great live blog guys, really good work. I think it could be improved with more use of photos and different multimedia. Also I feel like it could be improved if you had more tweets from coming in from contestants and people at the actual event.

  2. Normally at the end of a liveblog you have a chronlogical version available so people can read from first to last update – services like Coveritlive and Scribblelive offer this functionality.

    Also remember to round up at the end – your last tweet sort of does that, but think of 3 or 4 key bullet points to come out of the event.

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