Devastator challenge: Max from Red Dog Saloon tells all..

Red Dog Saloon’s ‘Devastator’ challenge – prepare for a hefty food coma

Location: Red Dog Saloon

The challenges: Devastator challenge; Hot Wings challenge

Price: The Devastator is £22.50, the Hot Wings challenge is £10.50

The details: Finish either in the allotted time but know which one suits you best – the Devastator focuses on quantity while the Hot Wings focus on heat.

The prize: Finish either and get a t-shirt, finish both and get an ambulance. Quick.

The “8.5 Devastator challenge” – named because it is 8.5 inches tall and, err, devastating,  is a quantity food challenge at the Red Dog Saloon, Shoreditch, London.

Meat, meat and more meat

Consisting of three six ounce burgers, six slices of cheese, six rashers of bacon, 200 grams of pulled pork and accompanied by both a basket of fries and a milkshake, this challenge is an abomination to vegetarians and not for the faint hearted.

 Max, one of Red Dog’s managers, admitted: “I haven’t tried to do it yet but I will one day. It’s doable but very tough, there’s just so much meat.”

 He’s not wrong. Based on the meaty aspects alone, this challenge weighs approximately 800 grams – that means contenders have to eat 80 grams of meat per minute to win before even considering the added pressures of bun, cheese and fries.

 10… 9… 8…

When pressed on how long you have to finish the challenge Max said: “You have ten minutes and, if you succeed, you get a free t-shirt.”

 Thats ten minutes for the whole package, including the fries and milkshake, which, being served by the pint, is almost ten minute challenge in itself.

 “I recommend starting slow and using a knife and fork to break it down. Make sure you put sauce on the fries too – it makes them easier to eat quickly.”

 Turn up the heat

If size doesn’t sound appealing, the Red Dog Saloon offers their own Hot Wings challenge. Max warned: “It’s mostly pain – sweat and pain. If someone wants to take part, they have to sign a disclaimer  – that ensures they can’t sue us if they suffer any bad effects. It might sound extreme but then again, no pain, no gain.”


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