Business Spotlight: Brook Green Hotel’s Monster Burger Challenge

Location: Brook Green Hotel

The Challenge: The Monster Burger Challenge

Price: £21.50

The details:Three 8oz burgers in a Viennoise bun with cheddar, brie and blue cheese, plus a bucket of fries, a pot of coleslaw and a pot of deep fried gherkins. Finish everything in under 15 minutes to get the burger free, finishing in under 30 minutes gets you a free pint.

Money matters

Behind every customer struggling to shovel food into their gaping mouths to prove the elasticity of their stomach, there’s a business owner looking on, smiling. Yes, food challenges are great fun, but they’re also serious business.

However, as Sinead Sinnott, Assistant Manager at Brook Green Hotel explained yesterday, the challenges are far from lucrative.

Tight margins

“It [the monster burger challenge] is definitely not very profitable by any means. Our normal burger is £12.95 and here you’re getting three burgers, plus the chips and coleslaw for £21.95, so we’re losing GP (Gross Profit).”

However, food challenges create a buzz around an establishment, generating revenue, Sinead said. “For actually getting people in and for getting our burgers known it works out better for us in the long run. It’s normally one person who comes here on a regular basis, but then they attract in a lot more people just for the sake of the burger challenge”.


The hotel’s team works hard to stir up interest from the hungry members of the public. “We put it on our Facebook and Twitter all the time. It’s constantly up there and we constantly get people asking about it as well,” Sinead said.

Meaty torture

The monster burger challenge is not an easy beast to tame; only 14 people have successfully scaled the meat mountain since its inception 4 months ago. Some defeats have been heavier than others.

“I’ve tried it and failed. The guy I tried it with, after his last chip he went to be sick in the bathroom and it was an hour an a half before he could leave there.”

If you fancy 15 minutes of torture (followed by an hour of porcelain hugging) in the name of human pride, then visit the Brook Green Hotel.

Watch the video below to see Sinead take on the challenge (source: Brook Green Hotel).


(Image source: Brook Green Hotel, Facebook)


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