Extreme hEats – heat challenge 101

For every food challenge designed to overload a challenger’s stomach, there is another, more insidious variety. The heat challenge is not just about consuming food, but about developing and maintaining a high pain threshold to cope with extreme heat. Read on for examples of heat-related challenges, advice and disasters:

1. In The Art of War, Sun Tzu famously said “know your enemy”. So, in the spirit of overcoming adversity, we advise you to know your chillies. The scoville unit ranks the heat of each chilli.

2. Still up for a heat challenge? This video can be considered a lesson in what not to do.

3. Forget hot wings – the fallout challenge chooses patties of prime beef as the vehicle for extreme heat. Sign your waiver, eat your meat, feel the burn.

4. The “Viper Challenge” costs £10.50 and they make you promise not to sue them if you become ill. Or die. Red Dog manager Max says “no pain, no gain”; we haven’t worked out what that pain actually gains you, so let us know if you find out.

5. The aptly named “Curry Hell” – allegedly the UK’s hottest curry –  takes no responsibility for the welfare of those foolish enough to try it. The restaurant also warns that should a contender die eating it, their next of kin will be held responsible for settling the bill.

6. Ahem, if the above description isn’t warning enough, this might be:

7. So far, it is unconfirmed as to whether this is a challenge or an exercise in futility. Either way, 30 wings are covered in ‘The Rib Man’s Holy Fuck Sauce’ and you have to eat them. Good luck.

8.  Morley Cheeks, an eatery in Manchester, allegedly has some of the hottest wings going. Here’s a tweet of all their fiery glory:

9. Here is some advice on building your tolerance for spicy food; you’ll be an extreme eats champion in no time.

10. Finally, should you get fed up with constantly feeling the heat, sign up to compete in the UK chilli cook off and let some other poor fool scorch their tongue instead.


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